About the Conference

The conference will present a broad selection of papers primarily focused on interaction and business networks in changing business-to-business markets and networking for actors in local and international communities. On this occasion, the theme is: Interaction and networking for adaptation in a complex and challenging environment.


IMP Conferences are always structured to maximise the amount of discussion and interaction. Researchers at all stages in their careers are encouraged to present their finding in a challenging, but supportive atmosphere.


IMP 2022 will provide the opportunity for researchers to disseminate knowledge on emerging trends in industrial marketing. It is an ideal opportunity to meet with friends and exchange ideas to enrich your work, with valuable feedback, in a virtual context.


Authors are invited to present results from their research at any stage of development. Papers will be selected on the bases of their quality, originality and relevance to the development of ideas within the IMP framework.


The IMP Group is an international group of scholars concerned with developing concepts and knowledge in the field of business-to-business marketing and purchasing.


Early work focussed on the nature and management of relationships between companies in the international market. More recently, this perspective has been widened to incorporate the study of complex networks within which business communities operate.


The Group’s annual conference is the largest in the world dealing specifically with marketing issues within a business-to-business context.


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