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The School of Economics and Management at the University of Florence

The venue for the conference would be the Florence University Campus in Novoli, which is home to the School of Economics and Management of the University of Florence. Dinners and accommodation are around the campus and in the city centre, about 2 km from the campus.

The University of Florence originates from the Studium Generale, founded in 1321, when lessons in the disciplines of law, literature and medicine began. The first professors were prestigious names, such as Boccaccio who taught Dante. The institutes of ancient tradition became universities between the end of the nineteenth century and the first decades of the twentieth century.


The University of Florence is an important and influential centre for research and higher education in Italy, with around 50,000 undergraduate and master students, 1,800 professors and internal researchers, 1,600 technical and administrative employees, and over 1,600 research fellows and doctoral students. The University of Florence has a natural international vocation, with the development of internationalization as one of its strategic priorities. It is one of the largest and most productive public research systems in Italy. Researchers at the University of Florence work in 21 different departments and have at their disposal approximately 40 research structures, including inter-departmental and inter-university centres, as well as specialized research, knowledge transfer and advanced training centres.


Access – how do we get there?

The venue for registration, exhibitions, and networking  breaks will be at the School of Economics and Management, Building D6, Novoli Campus of the University of Florence. A map of the Novoli Campus is available below.

Getting to Florence is easy as the city is a logistics node in Italy, with well-developed communication networks. The Florence airport, directly connected to major European airport hubs, is located a few kilometers from the city centre and close to the conference venue. From the airports of Pisa and Bologna, you can reach Florence in about an hour by train or bus. In general, once you have arrived in Italy, Florence is easily accessible by plane, train or car in less than two hours from major cities like Milan (300 km) and Rome (270 km).


By plane:

The Airport of Florence “Amerigo Vespucci” is the most convenient airport if you are traveling by plane. Located 3 km north-west of the Florence city centre, the taxi ride into the Florence town centre takes approximately 15 minutes. If you want to go to the university, the journey is only 10 minutes.  There are direct flights to and from Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam, London, Zurich, among the others. 

The Airport of Pisa “Galileo Galilei” gives additional choice of direct flights if you choose to travel with low cost flights. Once you arrive in Pisa, you can go by bus or train to Florence. The travel time is approximately 1 hours by train and 50 minutes by bus.

Please note that there are also other possible airports in Italy, including Bologna, Milan and Rome. However, we recommend the Airports of Florence and Pisa, as these are the most convenient alternatives.


By train:

There are several companies operating the railway network in Italy. The main train operators for fast train are Trenitalia and Italo. Most trains can be booked via Trenitalia or Italo.

The main railway station in Florence is the station of Santa Maria Novella. The University campus (conference venue) is located on the tramway line that connects the Amerigo Vespucci Airport to the Firenze Santa Maria Novella railway station (stop: San Donato - University station).


By car:

Florence is easily accessible by car from the highways from Milan (300 km), Rome (270 km), Genoa (240 km), and Venice (260 km).


Getting to the University campus from the city centre:

We suggest to reach the Campus by taxi from the airport or the railway station, but you can also reach the Campus by tramway (from the central station Santa Maria Novella or from the airport Amerigo Vespucci) line T2 (station San Donato - Università).

From the historic centre of Florence, you can walk to the Santa Maria Novella train station where there is a stop on the T2 line of the tramway, direction Peretola Airport (Amerigo Vespucci). The Novoli Campus is at the San Donato - University stop.


By taxi:

A taxi should cost around 12-20 EUR. Ask to go to the “University of Florence - Polo di Novoli” main entrance, once you arrive, looks the indications (or ask) for the D6 building. Inside this building, you will find the welcome desk of the conference. Although the situation is changing rapidly in the direction of the spread of digital payments, in Italy taxis in many cases only accept cash payments.


By bus:

There are bus lines from the city centre that go in the direction of "Novoli", "Aeroporto", "Polo Universitario". The number that identifies these lines, today are 22, 23 and 57 (to be verified and confirmed for 2022).

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