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The Conference provides a stimulating context in which to present and discuss your research with the aim of improving it for subsequent submission to high-impact journals. As in previous editions, the Conference hosts a "Meet the Editors" session with the editors in chief of marketing and management journals, particularly those interested in business marketing issues.

This year, there is also a "Meet the Guest Editors" session, dedicated to the Special Issues linked to the topics discussed during the Conference. The session is of interest to both the authors who want to submit their papers and the guest editors to provide helpful suggestions and insights about the special issues. 


Special issues:

Industrial Marketing Management

"Interaction and networking for adaptation in a complex and challenging environment". Guest Editors: Simone Guercini and Matilde Milanesi.


Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing:

"A network perspective on supply chain management in the structural reshaping of globalization". Guest Editors: Simone Guercini, Andrea Perna, Andrea Runfola, and Annalisa Tunisini.


Management Decision

"Decision making and heuristics in business relationships". Guest Editors: Simone Guercini, Antonella La Rocca, Ivan Snehota


Italian Journal of Marketing

"Market-as-a-network: where Business Marketing makes the difference". Guest Editors: Roberta Bocconcelli, Chiara Cantù, Alessandro Pagano, Annalisa Tunisini.

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